About us


Paragon Laboratories is a leading manufacturing company in the region for the production of high quality Nutraceutical products including Supplements, Multi-Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium and various other products in the form of capsules, syrups, tablets and drops. We have a dynamic, innovative and customized approach toward product development, commercial production of the products. We offer a wide range of Nutraceutical products to the healthcare markets. we offer a wide range of Nutraceutical products to the healthcare markets. Paragon Laboratories in diverse segments within the health industry by means of its Strategic Business Unit, logistically ideally located production facility in the market. Our strategic business unit for capsules, syrups, tablets, supplement, drops products is dedicated to markets and sells OTC, Nutraceutical and prescription products to Institutions (hospitals, clinics) and in open market through distribution channels.

Paragon Laboratories’ business unit specialized in contract manufacturing services and third party alliances. Paragon Laboratories is uniquely qualified to meet the market needs for superior quality, given our vertical integration and cutting-edge research and development. Our innovative formulations have ranged from sophisticated Pharmaceutical solutions to unique Nutraceutical combinations. As the leading manufacturer of products, we cater to multinational and national/regional Nutraceutical companies for contract manufacturing of products.


We are a Nutraceutical company committed to innovation together science, knowledge and expertise to work together to fight disease. We intention to positively impact the health of people. Our gallant determinations for patients are returned in our commitment to growth and incremental change in performance. We are a company where extraordinary people can flourish.