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Way Max(Slimming sachet)

Way Max(Slimming sachet)

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(Sliming sachet)

When taken together, choline and inositol can have a synergistic effect on weight loss efforts. Choline aids with fat metabolism, while inositol improves insulin sensitivity, supporting normal lipid metabolism, reducing any stored fat deposits in the body.

L-carnitine, a dietary supplement, is popular for its weight loss benefits. This naturally occurring amino acid plays a crucial role in energy production, aiding the transportation of fatty acids into the cell’s mitochondria, where they are burned for energy. 

Chromium picolinate is an essential nutrient involved in the regulation of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. In addition to its effects on glucose, insulin, and lipid metabolism, chromium has been reported to increase lean body mass and decrease percentage body fat, which may lead to weight loss in humans.

Vitamin b complex helps in losing weight because of their ability to help your body metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. These vitamins help you convert the food you eat into energy. Additionally, the role of vitamin B complex extends to helping you with appetite control. According to new research our body gain weight main reason is vitamin b complex deficiency.

Taurine plays a pivotal role in regulating glucose and lipid metabolism, blood pressure homeostasis, and obesity largely due to its cytoprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory actions.


  • Mix a single sachet with a minimum of 200ml of water for the best effects and consume immediately.
  • It is advised to take three sachet per day before main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Storage :

Store at a temperature below 25 c

Away from humidity.

The expiry date refers to the product unopened and properly stored. Don’t dispose the sachet in the environment after use.

In the BOX : 

30 sachets of 8 grams each in 1 pack !